Thank you for taking the time to explore this new web site. Everything here is new - you may need to give us some grace! Grace Point Community Church is an exciting place to be at. Come dressed casual, come just as you are. You'll find simple, uplifting Christian music, some humor and interesting video segments which makes this church a special place - and one of a kind!

Pastor Tom presents basic biblical truths in a way that is relevant for today. He believes that attending church should be an enjoyable, encouraging and meaningful experience that helps everyone to develop a better understanding of God's love.

Visit Grace Point this Sunday at 10 AM, discover the gifts God has for you - like new friends, real encouragement and time tested truths that can make your time right now your best ever!
SUNDAYS - New sermon series examines "The Greatest Sermon" by Jesus!
Matthew chapter 5 reveals truth so radical you have to hear it to believe it!


A fan is defined as an "enthusiastic admirer."  America is filled with "fans"! For example, in music, some people love rock and roll, some love country music - and the true fan will enjoy the songs whenever it's convenient. If there was a concert, the fan may even go and sing along. The fan will then get back into their car, drive home and go back to the "real world"!

The same can be said for sport fans. I am still a Cubs fan, even though they haven't won a world series since 1908! The point is, there is no thought of sacrifice for a "fan", there is no expectation of any involvement with the "paid players" - no, it is a nice experience for the fan and has practically no effect on the "real world".

Some people end up as "fans" of Jesus and His Church. On Sunday they show up in church, sing along, even give a little money, but there is no thought of sacrifice.

Please don't get me wrong, it's good to show up and sing along, but Jesus calls us to be more than a fan, He wants faithful followers. In Luke 9:23 Jesus said to the crowd, "If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily, and follow me."

A "fan" plans on following Jesus right into Heaven, without carrying a cross. However, the only invitation Christ has given is to take up your cross daily. When we move from being a fan, to being a follower of Christ, it affects every day.  To "take up your cross" involves sacrifice. Do you hear Jesus calling - "Come follow me"?  Will you respond as fan or a follower?

Grace Point is a safe and fun place that kids love! There is nursery and toddler care, and "children's church" for kids K - 5th grade.  For adults that want a deeper study of the Bible, there are men's and ladies' studies that build knowledge as well as friendships that help in all our lives.
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Have you come to a point now in your life where you can come for one hour on a Sunday to find some direction, kind people and a new beginning?

Grace Point is where you need to be.

Each week there are various Bible studies and groups getting together. Friends connect and fun happens!
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You will find Grace Point every Sunday at 10am meeting at the corner of Caledonia and Dawson Lake Rd.
You can always call 815-544-0629 with any questions. Hope to see you Sunday!

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